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Santorum: “All the people that live in the West Bank are Israelis, they’re not Palestinians. There is no ‘Palestinian.'”

Once again a ‘top runner’ for the Republican ticket is denying the existence of an entire population of people.

It seems to me that the only way in which someone can run a successful election in this country is if they bend over backwards to kiss AIPAC/Israel’s behind… and not only that, but now it seems one has to deny the existence of an entire group of people to do so!

How is this democracy when our presidential candidates cannot differentiate between reality and a widely distorted and nonfactual world view? Will this really help our relations with the international community, more specifically, with the Middle East?

Every day I become more disheartened about the way this country truly operates.


My mission is very simple: to deliver uncensored, unbiased reports on past and currently ongoing national and global injustices and government corruption.

My name is Mariana Ferro, I am a 23 year old very concerned and increasingly disillusioned American citizen.

I am concerned with the way in which the media is censored and controlled by large private-sector corporations. I no longer believe we are getting the truth from these “news” conglomerates, though, why should they provide that to us? What motivation does Fox News, for example, have to provide the masses with unbiased reporting that’ll only serve to ultimately expose, and negatively impact shareholders and those buying their airtime (e.g.; the Monsanto corporation)?

I am concerned with America’s foreign policy execution. It is very clear to me at this point, that we do not have the best interests of the international community at heart, more specifically in regards the Middle East.

I am concerned about the way in which the government is so easily influenced and yes, controlled by the private-sector, by political action committees, by bribery, by neglect, by ignorance…

I am here to expose as much of it as I can while using the amazing resource that is the Internet. I hope to bring about awareness that’ll hopefully transcribe into social and political action. Pleased to meet you.